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We recognize that the Body of Christ in this community, a committed corporate fellowship of Christians. We are obediant to God and led by the Holy Spirit; dependent on fervent prayer and the Word to demonstrate the ministry of Jesus.

Who Are We?

It is the will of God that the church should grow. Making disciples is the mission of the church. All aspects of the church life and activity support. The Holy Spirit has given us gifts that we may do ministry through His power.

We Believe

We give glory to God. We love and serve the community.  We live out the great commission and help bring others to faith.


What We Do

Office Administrator

Nancy's interest in music began here at King of Kings Luthern Church. 

She pursued a career in music, graduated from college, and continued her studies in New York and Rome. Nancy's music has been awarded and recognized by The Gospel Music Association and the Philadelphia Academy of Gospel Music Arts.

She gives concerts, leads worship services, works with children, and gives concerts in nursing homes. She is dedicated to reaching people of all faiths. She offers her music ministry at local venues, such as The Great Auditorium, Ocean Grove, NJ, and Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ. 

Director of Music Ministries Nancy Scharff  

King of Kings School

Director, King of Kings School. Megan Pruden

Assistant to the Director Regina Rasmussen

Mrs. Rasmussen joined King of Kings School in 2012. She currently serves as the Assistant to the Director putting to good use her strong aptitude and many years of experience in business administration. She has had experience working directly with the children of King of Kings School through our lunch program, in the classrooms with all the age groups, as well as currently in support of the King of Kings School Teaching Staff.

Contact Megan and Regina via

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