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Kings Kamp

  • Registration forms and enrollment paperwork are available in the School Office and online.

  • Children not currently enrolled at King of Kings School must have a full enrollment packet completed for admission into Kings Kamp. Please contact the School Office at to have paperwork emailed to you.


  • Registration forms, enrollment paperwork and fees must be submitted to ensure a spot for your child.



  • When Kings Kamp is in session the Camp Administrator can be reached at 732-615-0220.

Please Join Us!

Kamp Session Dates

Kamp Session Dates

Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Water Play, Outdoor Activities, Craft, Storytime, Music and Movement & Snack

Weekly Themes

Weekly Themes

Patriotic Fun, Under the Sea, A Camping We Will Go, Bugs and Little Critters, Carnival/Circus Fun, and Jungle/Safari Adventures.

Special Events

Special Events

The Fun Bus, Cooking Class, Mad Science Stuff and Build Animals, Bouncy House Petting Zoo, Magic Show, Insectropolis

For more info please contact the School Office at



For Registration Form, Universal Health Form and Authorization for Medical Care and Medical Release Form, please click below to download.

Kings Kamp Information
Kamp Ages: 2 ½ - 6 Years Old
All students under the age of Three Years Old must have turned 2 by December 31, 2023

  • Kings Kamp will run for 6 weeks from June 24th through August 2nd.

  • Kamp Hours are from 9 am – 12 noon.


  • Optional lunch hour from 12 noon – 1 pm for the additional cost of $15 per day. A 10% discount on lunch will be applied for children who stay for lunch all 5 days of the weekly session.


Kings Kamp Tuition


   1 Week $220       

               2 Weeks $350                  

3 Weeks $490   

 4 Weeks $625   

 5 Weeks $730   

  6 Weeks $825*  

  • Blocks of 5 days can be purchased and used throughout the 6 weeks of camp. The weekly/session rate would apply to each block of 5. All multiple session discounts (Blocks of 5 discounts) will only be applied if the balance is paid in full before camp starts. Any Block(s) of 5 days added after camp starts will be billed at the full session(s) price. All days attending must be designated at the time of registration.

  • A $88 discount for Session #2 will be applied as Kamp is closed July 4th.

  • *The credit for Session #2 has automatically been deducted from the tuition for 6 Sessions.

Kings Kamp is staffed by King of Kings School teaching staff who are CPR and First Aid trained.

Kings Kamp News


We would like to make the Kings Kamp experience enjoyable for both parents and kampers alike. The following information will help you to prepare your child for the best “kamp” experience.


  • Please note that the children spend a significant amount of their day outdoors (weather permitting), and that water play is encouraged and available during all outdoor playtime. Therefore, we would prefer that all kampers be potty trained! If however, your child still wears “pull-ups”, please notify the staff on the first day of kamp attendance.


  • Please send your child, every day, with appropriate swimwear on under their clothing (weather permitting), and a change of underwear for them to put on after water play.


  • Please apply all necessary sunblock/bug spray before arriving and alert staff and complete the appropriate Medication Permission Slip if you would like sunblock reapplied during kamp hours.


  • Please send your child in every day with a clean towel clearly marked with your child’s name and a bag or backpack to hold their wet towel and swimwear/clothing from the day’s kamp activities.


  • Please send in a bag with a full change of clothing, including underwear, on the first day of kamp. These clothes, if not used, will be returned on the last day your child attends kamp. Please label the bag clearly with your child’s name.


  • Please send your child in wearing footwear appropriate for the beach. We encourage flip flops, sandals, crocs, or anything waterproof that the children can easily remove and put on by themselves. Please include sneakers and socks in your child’s backpack to wear on the playground equipment after water play.


  • Bottled water will be available to your child continuously throughout the day to keep them hydrated and energized to play! We also enjoy ice pops to cool off while outside.


  • We ask that your child bring in a snack and drink of his/her own each day. If your child is staying for lunch please pack them a lunch which will be refrigerated unless noted on the exterior “Do not refrigerate”.


  • Please remember we are a peanut and tree nut free camp and require that no peanut or tree nut products be brought in.


  • Please note that if your child has any allergies, they should be communicated to Mrs. McCloskey the Camp Director as well as your child’s Kamp Teaching Staff. The necessary forms and paperwork will also need to be completed by your medical provider and brought in along with any required medication(s). Collectively an Action Plan will be created and implemented. 


  • All kampers will arrive and dismiss from their designated door each day. Please notify kamp staff, preferably in writing if anyone other than the regular pick-up person will be picking up. Please remember that that person must be included on the kamper’s Emergency Contact Form and if we do not know them they must present photo identification at the time of pick-up.


  • All kampers must have a completed Kings Kamp Summer 2024 Application for Registration and a completed Kings Kamp Authorization for Medical Care and Release Form returned to the school office before camp begins. The Application for Registration and the Medical Care and Release Form are available on this site for download and printing. Hard copies are available for pick-up at the School or email for forms to be sent to you. Copies will  also be left outside the building entrance during off hours.


  • Kampers who were not enrolled in King of Kings School during the 2023-2024 School Year must also return a completed Universal Health Form available for download and printing on this website and a current copy of their immunization record. All kampers attending Kings Kamp must be up to date with their immunizations in accordance with the NJ Department of Health requirements unless medically exempt with supporting documentation submitted in order to attend.

  • Kampers who were not enrolled at King of Kings School during the 2023-2024 School Year will also have to complete an Emergency Fact Sheet with emergency contacts and pick-up guardians listed, an Information to Parents Form and an Expulsion Policy Form.  These forms will be available in the School Office or can be sent to you.  To request a copy kindly email . Copies will  also be left outside the building entrance during off hours.


  • Completed paperwork and payment can be returned to the School. Payment by check is preferred.  Completed paperwork can also be deposited in the secure School/Church lockbox located on the wall to the right of the School/Office entry doors. Additionally, completed paperwork and payments can be mailed to Kings Kamp c/o King of Kings School, 250 Harmony Road, Middletown, NJ 07748.  ALL PAPERWORK AND PAYMENT MUST BE IN BY JUNE 1,2024. 


  • If you need to contact the staff for any reason during kamp hours please call the King of Kings School Office at 732-615-0220 x2.


We look forward to seeing you at Kamp!


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