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Introducing The King's Achievement Curriculum At King Of Kings School

The child-centered program at King of Kings Lutheran Church is a place where new ideas and practices have always been welcomed and valued. Over the years, children have blossomed and teachers and parents, along with the body of Christ, have grown together to create the rich community of care and learning that is so evident at King of Kings Church and School.

King of Kings School will continue to offer an active, hands-on curriculum where children learn through experiments, construction and play. They will explore God's creation by touching, smelling, hearing and tasting the world around them. The curriculum has been designed by the early childhood staff with the understanding that each child is unique and will respond to their emerging world in a unique manner. Activities are planned to encourage the children to actively engage in playing, building, mixing, pouring, measuring, listening, questioning, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, writing, reading, conversing, and refining fine and gross motor skills. The classroom schedule allows for teacher guided activities as well as unstructured, child-directed activities in order for each child to test ideas and pursue their own interests. Exciting learning centers are a large part of the curriculum.

The Program Components include the following:


The King's Word: 
The King's Achievement early literacy curriculum is designed to enhance the child's phonemic awareness and vocabulary development throughout the year. Alphabet recognition, learning letter sounds, phonics, rhyming, and high frequency sight words are introduced in a fun, creative manner. Structured and unstructured activities, including storytelling, drama, reading and writing, are planned to reinforce new words and concepts.


Math Counts!
Come and have fun with numbers and early math theme activities! Children are encouraged to explore mathematical concepts as they count, sort, classify, 
compare quantities, balance blocks, recognize shapes and find patterns.


Science Discoveries
The science discoveries program makes the most out of each child's natural curiosity. The children explore God's creation through outdoor excursions, investigations and hands-on activities. Body awareness, the five senses, 
animal antics, magnets, weather, and insects & plants are all part of weekly themes in the science discovery centers.


My Magnificent World 
The preschool classroom gives each child their first sense of community outside the classroom. The King's Achievement social studies program allows the children to actively participate in a safe, caring community where they will 
learn to accept differences, deal with emotions, and practice resolving conflicts. Children are introduced to their own community as they are encouraged to observe homes, restaurants, churches, police stations, dentists, 
etc. Regularly scheduled visitors enhance the learning environment. In addition, holidays afford the children the opportunity to explore cultural traditions. The children enjoy sharing traditions and stories. They are introduced to foods, stories and songs from around the world.


Smart Art
Let's create! The Kings Achievement Art Curriculum is planned to expand each child's imagination and encourage creativity. The children learn about shape, form and texture as they paint and draw, make collages, create three-dimensional objects, and talk about their masterpieces. Through creative art, the children learn 
about primary colors and they discover how to mix colors to create new. Math concepts are reinforced as they understand balance and symmetry. Early writing skills emerge as they develop the coordination they need to manipulate crayons and markers and use scissors. Most importantly, each child is excited to share their creativity in each unique project!


Moved to Sing
Sing Ye to the Lord!! Preschoolers have a natural enthusiasm for music and dance. Moved to Sing is a joyful way to expand vocabulary and promote a positive self-image along with socialization skills. The curriculum will introduce the children to various instruments, languages and music styles. The children will learn to hear the differences between fast and slow, loud and soft, one at a 
time and together.


Fit for the King
We jump, skip and roll!! The Fit for the King curriculum is designed to instill healthy habits in the children. Fitness activities such as aerobics, stretching, tumbling, sports, and obstacle courses are planned to foster body strength, balance and coordination. In addition to fun and motion, the children learn about overall health, the human body, nutrition, and healthy food choices and exercise.


Wise Lambs
Wise Lambs is our Bible-based, life-changing curriculum. Throughout each day, the teachers demonstrate the love of Christ as they share how God created the world and us, and that He loves us and sent Jesus to us. At this level we 
pray together, read Bible stories, and role play. Christian Values are instilled in each child through our character education themes: honesty, trustworthiness, 
compassion, fairness, responsibility, forgiveness, and courage.

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