King of Kings History
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A Brief History of King of Kings Lutheran Church

King of Kings Lutheran Church is a member of the E.L.C.A, one of the two major bodies of Lutherans in the United States.

Our congregation was organized on March 11, 1960 in the Bayview Elementary School by the Reverend C. Roger Burkins. The charter was signed by 121 people, a number of whom are still active members!

Pastor Burkins held the first church service in our present location on September 23, 1962, and served until 1967.

Pastor William Hanson was installed in 1967 and served the congregation for 34 years. “The Rev,” as he was affectionately known, led a period of dynamic change. The Middletown area was changing and expanding, and King of King continued to grow as the Rev stressed community involvement. During his tenure, the building was expanded (twice), community outreach increased, and worship services were changed to adapt to our changing world. The dedication of the new Sanctuary took place on October 6, 1991, and Contemporary Worship became a key component of who we are. The Rev was truly the right person to lead us during this time of constant change and dynamic growth. His tremendous vision is still a positive force within our congregation, and we thank God for the ministry of Pastor Hanson.

Pastor Gregory Dzwonczyk was called to King of Kings as an associate pastor in July of 1998, and after the retirement of Pastor Hanson, “Pastor Greg” was called as the Pastor of King of Kings. Pastor Greg’s extraordinary talents for ministering to those experiencing physical and/or emotional duress were a tremendous blessing to our community in the wake of September 11th, 2001. Pastor Greg was truly the right person for this time of emotional upheaval and subsequent healing. His gifts of love and compassion are still a positive force within our congregation, and his influence will be with us for many years to come. We thank God for the ministry of Pastor Greg.

We were served on a full time basis by Rev Fred Neiderhiser who acted as our interim until God sent us a new full time Pastor. We were fortunate to have an experienced, trained interim to help us through our time of transition. We thank God for the ministry of Pastor Neiderhiser.

The Reverend Jackson Haas began his ministry with us on October 27th 2007. Coming to us all the way from Montanna his time with us will never be forgotten. We wish him well along the path that God has chosen for him.

We will never forget Pastor Jim Reeb, his wife Pastor Kay and their son Daniel. They spent three years with us and served our congregation as a family with love and encouragement to help us prepare for the coming of our new Pastor. They have moved on to a church and area in great need out in Williston, ND and I know that they will fill the needs of that congregation and community with their big smiles, hearts, mid-western charm. We wish them well.

Excitement and joy fills the air these days at King of Kings with the arrival of our new Pastors Joshua and Rachel Semovoski and their adorable daughter Samantha. We look forward to watching her and our church grow with them in the coming years. They are filled with vigor and enthusiasm and are equipped with the skills necessary to take us into a new chapter on our journey to fulfill God's purpose for us.

Perhaps the greatest compliment we have heard is that we are a place where people can feel welcome and accepted for who they are…..Children of God. With services that honor both Traditional and Contemporary Lutheran worship, we believe that how we worship is far less important than who we worship. Our goal is to be a reflection of our Savior Jesus Christ and to make ourselves available for His service in living out His Gospel.

We accept you as you are and invite you to grow with us in spirit and in knowledge of who God wants us all to become.

We love you just as you are but we promise not to leave you there, together we will become more like Jesus.

Worship Schedule

Saturday Evening Service at 5 PM

Sunday at 8:45 AM Traditional Lutheran Worship

Sunday School at 9:45 AM

Sunday at 10 AM Contemporary Praise & Worship

Communion is served at ALL services ALL of the time and ALL ARE WELCOME


King of Kings Lutheran Church
250 Harmony Road, Middletown NJ 07748
Phone: 732.671.3348